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The recent Army Cycling eRace Series (ACeRS) 2021 has been extremely popular bringing in a total of 460 Unique riders across the series.

The following are 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the age categories and other minor categories:

  • Grand Masters Female –¬†Susan Chittock;¬†Tammy Ruvino;¬†Emily Gardner
  • Grand Masters Male –¬†Craig Hutton;¬†Kenneth Thompson;¬†Andy Lewis
  • Masters Female –¬†Christina Murray;¬†Laura Clarke;¬†Rachel Mckenzie
  • Masters Male –¬†Dean Hunt;¬†Alex Fortune;¬†Carsten Duke
  • Senior Female –¬†Angela Laycock;¬†Rosie Wild;¬†Rebecca Graves
  • Senior Male –¬†Iain Evans;¬†Simon Richards; Ian Brown
  • Junior Female –¬†Alice Evans;¬†Helen Winpenny;¬†Megan Davis
  • Junior Male –¬†Johnny Dorward;¬†Alvin Martin;¬†Joseph Purbrook


  • Top Male Newcomer:¬†Alex Fortune;¬†Jonathan Simpkins,¬†Alvin Martin
  • Top Female Newcomer:¬†Christina Murray,¬†Rebecca Graves;¬†Francesca Derbyshire
  • Top Male Regular:¬†Iain Evans;¬†Simon Richards;¬†Ian Brown
  • Top Female Regular:¬†Christina Murray,¬†Angela Laycock;¬†Rosie Wild
  • Top Male Reservist:¬†Johnny Dorward;¬†James Henley;¬†Timothy Robinson
  • Top Female Reservist:¬†Alice Evans;¬†Jennifer Hill;¬†Susan Chittock
  • Top Male Veteran: Philip Calladine; Carl Simmons;¬†Andrew Clark
  • Top Female Veteran: Anna Bower; Vikki d’Arcy

Please click on the following link to see the full results on Defence Connect: 

ACeRS Stats

The series largest race was on the 10 Feb with 286 riders taking part, with 460 unique riders taking part across the series, 57 of which were women. The rider ages stretched from 21 to 70 years old, with over 5000 views of the live streams.

The last race of the series on the  24 Mar 2021  celebrated the ACU and SSAFA charity partnership launch, here are a few photographs of our members taking part and supporting SSAFA.