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Army Cyclocross Team – National Trophy

By Cycling News

Army Cyclocross Team

20th November 2021 – National Trophy Round 4 – Herrington Country Park – Sunderland

Here’s a report from Capt Simon Hale from this past weekends National Trophy:
A flat and fast course with high winds was always going to be hard work! A long course using most of the park with severe off cambers and a few cheeky climbs with a man-made bridge made thrown in for good measure it made the race a very tactical one.
From the whistle I took an early (short lived) lead to then drop to 3rd and sit in and wait for the battle to start, with the front 2 riders having made the break it was left to 5 riders to fight it out for the last place on the podium.
3rd place changed hands on most laps and sometimes even from corner to corner and the pace was relentless. Effort after effort to make the break but no one was able to make it stick until the last lap. In the end I had to settle for 7th as I had no VO2 max to give on this day.
I great race where tactics and power were the best combination, a little rest now before the Masters CX World Championship’s on 3/4 Dec in Ipswich but looking forward to round 5 of the National Trophy at Cyclepark Kent on 11/12 Dec.
Two other Team Riders attacked the course on Saturday here’s where they crossed the line…
Capt Jon Robinson V50(45th)
WO2 Matt Waters V40 (38th)
Other racing results.
Capt Hale V50(3rd) – Leicestershire Cyclocross League
2Lt Dan Shapland – Seniors (10th) Yorkshire CX

Inter-Corps Championships 29th September 2021

By Cycling News

Congratulations to the Inter-Corps Teams who competed on 29 September 2021

Female Race (17 Competitors)


Corps Positions

Position Corps
1 Royal Artillery
2 Royal Logistics Corps
3 Royal Corps Army Music


Top 3 Finishers

Position Name
1 Captain Hunter-Johnston (RA)
2 Capt Wild (RA)
3 Capt Newton (RLC)


Veteran Rider Winner

Position Name
1 Capt Chittock (RLC)


Youth Rider Winner

Position Name
1 LBdr Wood (RA)


Male Race (49 Competitors)


Corps Positions

Position Corps
1 Royal Artillery
2 Infantry
3 Royal Engineers


Top 3 Finishers

Position Name
1 WO2 Gloyn (RE)
2 WO2 Williams (RA)
3 Airtpr Jones (AAC)


Veteran Rider Winner

Position Name
1 WO2 Williams (RA)


Youth Rider Winner

Position Name
1 Airtpr Jones (AAC)


Youth Rider Winner

Position Name
1 LBdr Wood (RA)


Army Cycling eRace Series 2021 – Results

By Cycling News

The recent Army Cycling eRace Series (ACeRS) 2021 has been extremely popular bringing in a total of 460 Unique riders across the series.

The following are 1st, 2nd and 3rd of the age categories and other minor categories:

  • Grand Masters Female – Susan Chittock; Tammy Ruvino; Emily Gardner
  • Grand Masters Male – Craig Hutton; Kenneth Thompson; Andy Lewis
  • Masters Female – Christina Murray; Laura Clarke; Rachel Mckenzie
  • Masters Male – Dean Hunt; Alex Fortune; Carsten Duke
  • Senior Female – Angela Laycock; Rosie Wild; Rebecca Graves
  • Senior Male – Iain Evans; Simon Richards; Ian Brown
  • Junior Female – Alice Evans; Helen Winpenny; Megan Davis
  • Junior Male – Johnny Dorward; Alvin Martin; Joseph Purbrook


  • Top Male Newcomer: Alex Fortune; Jonathan Simpkins, Alvin Martin
  • Top Female Newcomer: Christina Murray, Rebecca Graves; Francesca Derbyshire
  • Top Male Regular: Iain Evans; Simon Richards; Ian Brown
  • Top Female Regular: Christina Murray, Angela Laycock; Rosie Wild
  • Top Male Reservist: Johnny Dorward; James Henley; Timothy Robinson
  • Top Female Reservist: Alice Evans; Jennifer Hill; Susan Chittock
  • Top Male Veteran: Philip Calladine; Carl Simmons; Andrew Clark
  • Top Female Veteran: Anna Bower; Vikki d’Arcy

Please click on the following link to see the full results on Defence Connect: 

ACeRS Stats

The series largest race was on the 10 Feb with 286 riders taking part, with 460 unique riders taking part across the series, 57 of which were women. The rider ages stretched from 21 to 70 years old, with over 5000 views of the live streams.

The last race of the series on the  24 Mar 2021  celebrated the ACU and SSAFA charity partnership launch, here are a few photographs of our members taking part and supporting SSAFA.

Return to Cycling

By Cycling News

8 Aug 20

Dear ACU Members,


You will all appreciate that we have been restricted in our cycling activities over the last few months however the Committee has been extremely busy ensuring that our membership can remain active, particularly on Zwift and Strava, which is producing some excellent results and competition.  Time-Trial racing was authorised by Army HQ via the Army Sports Control Board (ASCB) on 17 July and the Committee are examining all the available options to return to all Cycling disciplines within British Cycling (BC) guidance and the Army Force Health Protection (FHP) measures.

Competitive Cycling & Training.

The ACU committee will shortly be requesting the lifting of the suspension for MTB Downhill, MTB Enduro, BMX and CX.  For all representative sport, this decision lies with Army HQ via the ASCB.  Please note that Cycling at Unit level and below remains a Unit CoC and individual responsibility.

At present the Army Cycling MTB XC Series remains a ‘Strava club’ activity only however, subject to ASCB authority, the committee do plan to deliver at least one AC MTBXCS race in the Autumn in line with BC event guidance.

Whilst the Army Cycling Road Race Series continues virtually on Zwift, the committee are looking at the options to hold a race on a closed circuit (likely to be in the TT discipline); the ACU committee will reconvene in September and a further update will follow.

Unfortunately, we are unlikely to return to ‘mass-start’ racing for the foreseeable future due to the associated risks of riding in a peloton.  BC have already announced that there will be no National level racing this season.  The Single Services have confirmed that there will be no Inter Service level racing in any discipline until the 2021 season (less virtual).

Corps and Unit Team Training. Corps representatives and Unit OiCs are to note the following:

  • The ASCB will only authorise a return to representative ‘training’ once that particular discipline has been authorised to recommence by Army HQ (e.g. Corps team ‘training’ for Time-Trial can now be planned and authority requested via the ASCB).
  • COs can authorise unit level training for all disciplines.
  • COs must only authorise fixtures for those disciplines that have been authorised to recommence by Army HQ.

And for those ACU members who intend to race at local club events, please ensure that you follow the strict Covid-19 protocols that are displayed on the club websites and in Race Event Instructions.

Finally, the threat of COVID-19 and the risk of infection remains.  If you are not well or showing signs of COVID-19 then please do not attend any local club or team event.

ACU Executive Committee